Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics


P 3 Expectations: Poignant, Powerful, Presentations – Topics Tailored to Suit Your Student Body or Organization

Rodd Newhouse has 9 years of Management and Scouting experience as a member of the National Football League’s (NFL) Management Council and as a member of the Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals and ESPN, plus extensive experience with NFL contract negotiations, football operations and planning of player travel and assistance in mentoring young players in the NFL. Rodd also coordinated workouts, evaluated players entering the Draft, facilitated travel and free agent visits for draft choices like Emmitt Smith, Matt Leinart, Kurt Warner, Jeff Blake, etc. His advanced education and interest in real estate and the legal professional is the driving force behind the development of giving back to the families and youth who want to know the true stories as to what it takes to strive and succeed at the professional level. Presentations Tailored!

Let Rodd Newhouse help you become a Contender, not a Pretender, by discussing topics that will show you how to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Help you analyze, develop, and execute your game plan
  • Develop, implement and manage strategies designed to increase results, satisfaction and build relationships
  • Teach you how to cope and manage adversity
  • Relax, deal with stress, build satisfaction and discover that FUN is more than a three letter word
  • Perform your best as a leader and a team player
  • Reap the rewards from a speaker with life skills and high level experiences that are engaging, practical, battle-tested, and beneficial to those who care to make a difference in their lives